And Me Then…

Writing is as natural to me as breathing. Without it, I find life stifling and dreary. I need to express my thoughts through the written word, or something within me shrivels up and dies. I am realising slowly that writing and through it, thinking, pondering, processing, and understanding my faith and life, are each day’s most quiet need.

Why inkhorn?

feather-3237969_1920An inkhorn is an archaic description of an inkwell or a small, portable container for ink. As such, it is constantly being emptied of its contents and being refilled – to be emptied again. An inkhorn is a valuable, necessary tool for any writer. Without it, a pen that runs dry would be useless.

When I chose to become a writer, I prayed that God would use me, my skills and my work for His glory. I wanted my life to be emptied again and again of all self and be filled with His love. To be honest, some portions of being emptied are quite painful, but the hope and joy is that He fills me up, to continue my journey of being transformed into His likeness.

So I am His inkhorn; for Him to write His story with!

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