Risky Business

Won’t you let Me in?
Won’t you stop obstructing Me?

I see these barricades you’ve erected.
These barbed wires you’ve knotted.

You believe you’ll be safe behind them.
You assume you’re secure.

But is the enemy outside?
I wish I could say that was true.

You need to be protected, I agree.
But have you considered that the enemy is within.

So let Me in.
Let Me save you. 

In response, you haul the fence up higher.
Fling on more nails to deter any hopefuls.

You think you’re fencing Me out.
But actually, you’re fastening yourself in.

I see through the barriers anyway.
I see you, My child.

And I can’t leave you in danger.

So I’ll climb over the obstructions,
Even though those nails scar My hands.

I’ll come to you.
Even if you won’t come to Me.


Because a Father will risk everything
(even His child’s rage and disdain)
To save the one He loves.

- R. D. P.

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